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Pineapple sage daiquiri recipeWe grew up in the South, where the first Saturday in May is Mint Julep Day. (We've also heard it called Kentucky Derby Day—something about a horserace?) But it's time for us to confess: Unless it's married to chocolate or flavoring toothpaste, we're iffy on mint. (During the mojito craze of the last few years, we stuck stubbornly to sidecars.)

So when a pineapple daiquiri aswirl with shards of leafy green slid across the bar at Lever House restaurant in Manhattan recently, we braced ourselves. And then, after a sip, stopped bracing and began imbibing— enthusiastically. The shards weren't mint, but sage, which has a deeper, more complex herbacious flavor. It turned what is typically a fruity umbrella drink into a sophisticated, autumn-appropriate cocktail.

At the restaurant, the drink is made with pineapple puree. To make it convenient for home bartenders, we've slightly adapated the recipe. If you're in New York City, we highly recommend that you treat yourself to the original.

Pineapple Sage Daiquiri

Adapted from Lever House

Ingredients for pineapple sage daiquiri recipe
4 large or 8 small sage leaves
½ ounce fresh lime juice
½ ounce fresh lemon juice
1½ ounces pineapple juice
2 ounces dark (not spiced) rum

Directions for pineapple sage daiquiri recipe

Tear the sage leaves in halves or thirds, put them in a cocktail shaker and add the lime juice. Muddle the sage (crush it against the bottom of the shaker with a wooden spoon). Add the rest of the ingredients and a handful of ice. Shake for 10 seconds. Pour the drink, with ice, into a glass.

Lauren and Anne
The Purcell Sisters

The Purcell Sisters