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Blavod Cocktail
Come Halloween, there are lots of things we expect to be scary: our jack-o'-lanterns, our costumes, the quantity of mini-size candy bars we consume.

When it comes to choosing a signature cocktail for the holiday, though, we've had a devil of a time: We want our cocktails to look gruesome, not taste that way.

That's why we'd rather eat eye of newt than imbibe most of the Halloween-themed cocktails we've seen recipes for. For instance, take-offs on the Bloody Mary seem to be popular. But while tomato-juice cocktails may look like blood, they taste like, well, brunch.

The same goes for many of the black concoctions we've seen: They look properly ghoulish, but the recipes often call for black Sambuca, which tastes like licorice, or Kahlua, which is essentially dessert. Fine for one drink, maybe, but the thought of drinking either of those all night long is frightening.

This year, though, we've discovered Blavod black vodka. It's colored with an herb we've never heard of before, called catechu, and tastes, we're happy to say, like clear vodka. Use it in any vodka recipe you like. We'll be pouring Cosmopolitans From Hell (2 parts black vodka, 1 part each of triple sec, Rose's lime juice and cranberry juice; shake, strain, pour), and we'll put the Blavod on the bar for people who drink martinis or vodka tonics. If you can't find Blavod locally, you can purchase it online at  Winesanywhere.com

Spooky goodness. Enjoy!

Lauren and Anne
The Purcell Sisters

The Purcell Sisters