Floral Support

Tulips in floral arrangementWe never expect guests at our cocktail parties to bring hostess gifts, but bless their generous souls, they often do. A bottle of wine, the occasional chocolates, once a little packet of sea salt from Croatia—entirely unnecessary but oh-so-appreciated.

And then there's the guest who brings flowers. On the one hand, who doesn't love flowers? On the other, we're heating mushroom tartlets and greeting new arrivals and suddenly a dozen gerbera daisies are thrust into our hands. Screeeeech! The party brakes slam on while we search high and low for a container that hasn't already been pressed into service. Not to mention trying to master the tricky art of flower arranging while under pressure. We end up feeling ungrateful and untalented as we stuff the bouquet into our Brita pitcher and shove it to a corner of the counter.

But there is a way to bring blooms without burdening your host: the ingenious Hope Forever Blossoming vase. Made of vinyl printed with clever patterns (including the wink at cut crystal shown here), it comes perfectly flat and totally transportable. Steal 20 seconds at the sink—when filled with water, the vase expands and stands on its own—and present your fleurs with a flourish.

Now out of the way! Mushroom tartlets comin' through!

The Hope Forever Blossoming vase, $24 for two, is sold at Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Musuem

Lauren and Anne
The Purcell Sisters

The Purcell Sisters