Exciting Inviting

StationeryNow that the holiday-card season is over, the mail is predictably ho-hum again. Credit card offers, cable bills, the same catalog you got yesterday only with a different cover. We’re thinking of changing our name to Occupant just to get some personal mail.

But you, yes you, can change all that. For your next party, eschew Evite (and thwart overzealous spam filters) by mailing out invitations. And remember, the more handcrafted the invite, the more charmingly personal. Don’t worry – we’re not suggesting you make your own paper. We created the invitation shown here simply by dipping the base of a wine glass into red wine, shaking off the excess and stamping rings onto cards. (This one’s for our Wine-Tasting Party Even Beer Drinkers Will Love, but it works great for any cocktail party.) Handwrite the where-what-when, and voilà—saving the world from postal ennui 42 cents at a time.

(And for pete’s sake, stop it with the LabelMaker Pro already and handwrite the envelopes, too.)

Lauren and Anne
The Purcell Sisters

The Purcell Sisters