Cocktail Makeover: The Cosmopolitan

The Real, 100% CosmopolitanThe Cosmopolitan is crying out for an update. In the ‘90s, its association with Sex and the City was as cool as overspending on shoes, but we long ago soured on both credit-card debt and SATC.
More damning than that: the Cosmo usually doesn’t taste all that great. Too frequently, it's insipid, overly sweet and frankly, a little sissy-ish. (The joke goes: Man walks into a bar and orders a Cosmopolitan. Bartender says: "And for the gentleman?")
We are definitely not the sissy-drink type. In fact, one of the things we admire about the Cosmopolitan is that, among all the overly precious fourteen-ingredients-including-some-sourced-from-the-rainforest cocktails we’re seeing these days, it has the noble distinction of needing only four components That’s a real cocktail—even if it is pink. And if just for that, the Cosmo deserves to be returned to glory (click here for the full cocktail recipe).
As it turns out, glory is only one step away: A step away from the cranberry juice cocktail. The secret to a Cosmopolitan that deserves respect is to use 100% cranberry juice.
Cranberry juice cocktail (ironic name, no?)—which is what far too many bars stock and what you likely have in your fridge—has more than twice as much water as it does actual juice—and much of what juice it does contain isn’t even from cranberries. No wonder the typical Cosmo has no teeth.
What you need instead is the unadulterated juice. This simple switch-up will turn your wimpy Cosmo back into a very adult drink. In SATC terms (just to be nostalgic for a sec): as smart as Carrie, as sexy as Samantha, as no-nonsense as Miranda. With OK, maybe a trace of Charlotte sweetness. Even a Mr. Big can drink this without apology. (Though he should under no circumstances refer to himself as Mr. Big. Nostalgia only goes so far.)

Click here for the unaltered cocktail recipe for a pure Cosmopolitan (aka, "the Cosmo")