All Mixed Up

Audiostiles - music for a partyPerhaps it's not politic for experts to admit uncertainty. But if you've read our book, Cocktail Parties Straight Up!, you already know that when it comes to what music to play at parties, we're always looking for advice. Everyone we know seems to have an iPod loaded with the latest tunes, while we’re still slotting Sinatra and Louis Armstrong CDs into the changer and hitting Random.

But when we've worked so hard to create a sophisticated atmosphere, shouldn't the music add to it instead of just… not detract?

To the rescue: a music consulting company called Audiostiles that will create a playlist for any mood or occasion. We filled out a thorough online questionnaire about our musical tastes: artists we like (Dixie Chicks, Amos Lee) and ones that make us scramble to switch the station (yes you, Phil Collins); genres we're willing—and not—to explore (World music? Thanks, but… nyet); and what occasion the music is for (a cocktail party for New York City thirtysomethings). We paid a slightly pricey $64.50 for 90 minutes' worth of music (50 bucks buys an hour, which includes the price of the songs from iTunes) and five days later, two CDs showed up in the mailbox (they'll also load the playlist onto your iPod). 

Among the 23 tracks on our CDs, we recognized only eight of the artists and none of the songs—excellent, since we had asked to be introduced to new music. And though we didn't swoon over every tune, overall the mix proved to be perfect for our purposes—smooth enough to work as background music, upbeat enough to set a lively vibe, and about, oh, six trillion times more current than Frank and Louis, love them though we do.

So now that someone else has mixed our music, we can go back to doing what we're good at: mixing the drinks.

Wondering what songs were in our NYC Cocktail Party Mix? Email us for the list.


Lauren and Anne
The Purcell Sisters

The Purcell Sisters