Cocktail Recipes

Cocktail recipes

Cocktail recipesWhat would a cocktail party be without drinks? (Over by 8pm!) Designating a specific drink for each party makes the evening feel special, plus it provides a simple and ingenious conversation starter—a way to get guests in the party mood. Serving a signature cocktail also makes your job as hostess easier in two important ways:

(1) Having a featured drink eases the need to provide every other conceivable kind of liquor on your bar, and

(2) You can make the signature cocktail ahead of time by the pitcher (see pitcher recipes—for 20 drinks at a time—for many of our cocktails), which saves you from having to bartend during the party.

Find tons of great cocktail recipes on this site, as well as in our book, Cocktail Parties, Straight Up!  Have a favorite cocktail of your own? Send us the recipe!